Senin, 26 Oktober 2009

Trial: The Judgement Archer

*by: T.S. Frima

"Enjoy the city", we said
before we left her in the city gate.

She came this morning
with the firm blow of Eden's wind.
She brought no tale of fame and fortune,
thus we only gave her an empty glass
and a bottle of red wine.

By night,
she attended the party we held.
She met us one by one.
A beautiful painting, she demanded,
but none of us had such thing.
Hence, she went away;
The party went on.

By dawn,
the crowd was about to disperse when she appeared.
She poured down the wine to the solid ground.
In a blink, emptiness struck.


There was only silence.
And the sky split open.
We ran.
We ran for shelter, we ran for our lives.
Thousands of words fell from the rising sun:
a rain of cursed anthem.
Under a concrete roof we stood,
bare witness the collapse of our benign woods.

By now, it's all gone.
No more sky scrapers, no more luxurious hall.
Houses had turned into ashes.
Shining arrows are every where.
Some how, we feel no sadness nor sorrow.
We're not terrified, not hurt.
It is just

We stare at her,
the lady we ignored.
She stands still, with her empty glass.
She kisses the glass, turns her back on us,
and leaves.

"Are we the ones who invited her?"
we ask our selves, before the remaining of the city gate,
before a
beautiful painting.

(Jum'at, 16 Oct 2009, mesjid Nurul Ilmi, Padang)

picture source: personal collection

Jumat, 23 Oktober 2009

"No More Wish"

*by: T.S. Frima

There's a chance that you've forgoten
what you've said,
what you've sent to me on those windy nights.
No matter what, you wrote, we will always be this way.

There's a chance that you've just made them up,
and i was only a clown
with syrupy-sweet jokes.
Who ever you'll become, you wrote, i will always hold your hands.

There's a chance that those tears were all fake.
And no such a thing as a trurst-worthy line,
nor any explaination.
Yet, i believe in you, because
we will meet in our secret place, you wrote, and the stream of time will answer our questions.

The rain is fading away.
The sky is mocking.
The moving clouds are singing joyfully.
The clock is ticking, laughing.
Down here, i'm thinking,
am i a fool?
No more wistle,
nor wish
upon a stop-beating heart.

(27 dec 2007, kos, Padang gerah)

picture source

Kamis, 22 Oktober 2009

"To The Rodin's Gate"

*by: T. S. Frima

Arrested by the nocturnal silence,
my bare feet are frozen.
Lost in a vast desert of broken glasses, i am too far
away from your reach.
Yet it feels like i can keep
the warmth of your glossy lips.

These sore eyes are blinded;
and your sea-scented footsteps are my only clues.
But none will make us apart, i believe.
None has such a might!

It takes no path,
just breathe.
For your azure blaze, i march.
For the sapphire schyte, i march.
For the drenched moon, i march.

And here i come,
to be with you
in peace.

Rodin's Gate, atau yang lebih dikenal sebagai "The Gates of Hell" adalah sebuah karya seni ukir monumental dari seniman Prancis ternama, Aguste Rodin. Ukiran berbahan perunggu dengan dimensi 6m (tinggi) X 4m (lebar) X 1m (tebal) ini memuat 180 ukiran sosok manusia dalam berbagai pose. Ukiran ini berangkat dari salah satu adegan (scene) "The Inferno", bagian pertama dari "Devine Comedy" karya Dante Alighier. Pengerjaan ukiran ini memakan waktu 37 tahun (1880-1917).
Pertama kali nemu kata 'Rodin's Gate' sewaktu baca manga Shaman King (lupa vol berapa). Awalnya saya kira itu pintu surga, habis gambarnya bagus banget. Eh ternyata malah pintu neraka... =_=

picture source
description source: wikipedia